°•. Meet the Band .•°

the current lineup of Blue Light Special

°•. Jim Phipps

Jim Phipps has been a bluesman since birth. He just didn't know it until 1986 when he first heard Muddy Waters' legendary album Hard Again. He then realized that he had finally found his calling in life... to be a real bluesman. He played this LP over and over again until he know every word and tone change in Muddy's blues-soaked voice. His early piano and trombone lessons had failed him so he became content with honing his vocal stylings in the traditions of the great blues shouters such as Muddy, Wolf, and John Lee Hooker. In 1989 Jim broke up with his longtime girl friend, the first woman he had ever loved, and was sent into an emotional tailspin, finally feeling the blues for the first time. He realized that you couldn't learn the blues but instead had to live the blues.
Since that time whiskey, women and money, or lack thereof, has given him much suffering, sadness, and heartbreak, helping to make him the bluesman he is today. He has played in PA, Texas, Chicago, Toronto, and LA with some of the biggest names in blues today, including Kenny Neal, James Petersen, Magic Slim, Charlie Love, Paul Oscher, Sammy Fender, Lee Oskar, and Jimmy Burns. His feel is that of a Southern Baptist preacher meets James Brown at a party at the Playboy Mansion. Just give him a microphone and his harp, and look out, it's a party ready to happen! Come see the man who is a regular on the Chicago blues scene. You will NEVER be disappointed at a Blue Light Special show.

°•. Dave "Snakefoot" Secunda

When Dave was about 13 years old his parents could not keep him from using spoons to beat on everything in sight, so they got him his first drum set. Dave never had--or needed--a lesson. Bob Esbenshade and Dave had been friends since the first grade, sharing a love of music; pretty soon they put together a working band with Bob on guitar and Dave on drums. Since that time Bob and Dave have played in a whole series of rock and blues bands, sometimes together and sometimes separately, among them Big Red, The Roadhouse Band, Street Noise and The Markers. In 2004 Big Red once again reunited, and now, five years and a few hundred gigs later, he's rocking hard with Blue Light Special.
Dave has a massive collection of vinyl that runs to well over 5,000 albums. When cassettes came out, Dave was one of the first to buy equipment to record cassettes--and now with newer, more affordable CD technology, his collection fills rooms. When he isn't banging on the skins, he's putting together compilations and designing his own covers.
As anyone can hear, Dave Secunda lives and breathes his love of music.

°•. Craig Hauser

Craig Hauser is a classically trained musician who loves rockin' the blues. Craig's torrid affair with the guitar began at age thirteen when he attended a Jimi Hendrix concert in Texas. His first lessons at Music City in North East Philadelphia came shortly thereafter. Craig continued his education at The Philadelphia Music Academy; followed by University of Idaho where he earned both his bachelors and masters degrees in music education and performance. Throughout the years Craig has played in bands in locales from Philly, to New England to Idaho. He has performed classical guitar at countless weddings and other events.
According to Craig, "It's all about tone." He prefers vintage guitars and the sweet, tupelo honey sound of vintage tube amplifiers. Craig admires guitarists Eric Clapton and, of course, Jimi Hendrix. Craig's sound is all his own. When pressed he says his style resembles that of Carlos Santana. Come out and listen, Craig Hauser's guitar is nectar for the soul.

°•. Tom Lowry

Tom is one of the most accomplished piano players in Central PA. As a multi-instrumentalist his extraordinary talents also extend to the accordion, guitar and harmonica while playing anything from Classic Rock to Country, Blues and Zydeco. Over the past thirty-five years the crowds have enjoyed listening to Tom play all over the East Coast with a list of bands that include Philadelphia Speed Boys, Big Red, Suzzie’s Bar And Grill, Fly Boys, Kenny Jones Band and more. His fingers tickle those ivories and promise to leave the crowd wanting more every time they hear him play.

°•. Bob Esbenshade

The ever popular ever smooth, Bob Esbenshade is a true local legend and all around great guy. Bob Esbenshade is a guitar man, bassman, singer, songwriter with over 30 years experience. He began his professional gigs playing college frat parties before he was old enough to drive. He has played from Philly to Asbury Park. He has been a Lancaster musical icon for years. Some things get better with time, such is the case with Bob's style. He has a solid, in the pocket feel with just the right amount of touch and slyness. You know him as one of the founding members of the extremely hot band Big Red, Dark 30, The Willie Marble Experience and the ever popular project lingering doubts. He has songwrighting, bass, guitar and vocal credits on at least six CD's. He also is the owner of Jethro's, one of Lancaster's great bohemian restaurants. I can tell you from personal experience that they do a great job at making everyone feel at home and they have the best gourmet burgers on the East Coast!!!!!!